About Us

Welcome to Ultimate Hypermediass, your ultimate destination for immersive entertainment experiences. Our motto is, 'We Believe In Creativity'. At Ultimate Hypermediass, we embrace and celebrate the power of creativity. Our core belief is that through the fusion of hard work and innovative ideas, we can achieve unparalleled success. 

Our logo, adorned with wings, embodies the spirit of ascension. We are determined to soar to greater heights through the boundless realm of creativity. There are no limits to what we can accomplish. We are dedicated to nurturing and promoting talented individuals, guiding them towards an upward trajectory in their respective fields.

At Ultimate Hypermediass, we engage in a wide array of captivating activities, spanning Creative Arts and Entertainment. From orthodox forms to poetry, screenplays, filmmaking, music production, pageantry, and reality TV shows, we immerse ourselves in the world of imagination. Additionally, we are actively involved in Programming and Broadcasting Activities, bringing you the latest in newslocal/international news entertainment/celebrity updatessports coverage amongst others. Our Advertising and Marketing Services cater to business promotions, campaigns, advertisements, and general contracts, ensuring effective outreach. We also provide Apprenticeship and Training Services, facilitate the activities of Membership Organizations, offer Employment Services, and extend Guidance and Counseling Services encompassing relationship advice, dating tips, health insights, fashion guidance, and delectable recipes.

Founded in 2019 by the visionary Miss Bliss Anthony, Ultimate Hypermediass is a registered entity with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), fully compliant with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We take immense pleasure in delivering our exceptional services and we hope you derive equal joy in experiencing them. Should you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Stay connected with us on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube platforms, or join our vibrant WhatsApp and Facebook  group communities.

With heartfelt sincerity,
Managing Director

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