You incurable disease worse than HIV/AIDS and CANCER!
You who forcefully transport good and bad multitude to an inconspicuous distant soil!
The devil's musical instrument that generates songs of ruefulness everywhere.
Mortals irresponsible potent foe!
You have committed enough flagitious crimes!
If only I could wrestle your invisible presence, and bring you to cataclysm,

But I'm choked by the water splashing on my cheeks as I mull over how you blithely snaffled
She who harboured me for nine months,
She who brought me to this wicked world,
She who breastfed me,
She who watched me as I grow and appreciated my childhood beauty,
She who scolded and advised me,
She whom through her strength I'm growing to be an exemplary African woman.

Your iniquity O' Death!
should propel you to mask your ugly face with shame.
You should triumph over your cowardliness!

Bliss Anthony
©December, 2017

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