That comrade to a loner who conveys with him
Nothing but terrible aches in the bosom
Prompting its possessor's eyes to satiate
Sadistic sweet memories tears.
Your counterparts, lust and infatuation arrives
Only to be superseded by long or short lived
Departing love.
Yet, you stay! You stay to wallow in merriment
Of emotional anguish.
Why don't you rest in peace to produce peace?
How long will you continue creating problems where peace abounds?
Sorrows and fears where pleasures and
Courage abounds?
How long will you persist in excruciating
Whipping boy?
Joys you incur from every bitterness and
Sadness deposited in their account is no
Measure for the sorrowful sweetness they

Bliss Anthony
©November, 2017

"Heartbreak" "Heartbreak" Reviewed by Bliss Anthony on 1/12/2018 12:20:00 pm Rating: 5


  1. Heartbrk is sumtin one shouldn't experience

  2. Feel like crying. Just made me recall when I was heartbroken.