"My Birthday"

The tenth month of the year;
  Between September and November.
  The freedom month of Nigerians,
  Has made me a nice Nigerian enchantress,
  Living among the Sinhalese.

  O' October!
  Your endowment
  Is like an insect with six legs,
  Two front claws and a long tail;
  That curves over its back;
  And can give a pleasant poisonous sting.

  The sun between twenty third October,
  And twenty first November
  Is my residency.
  Being born on the month of October
  Is my permanent entity.

  And I have been entitled
  To endless celebration,
  And joyous jubilation;
  Which amid tremendous
  Increase of age
  Once it's the twenty eight day
  Because that's my birth date.

  So what's your poison?
  Because there will be lots of
  Wine flowing like River - Niger.
  And the delicate sound of
  Glasses crashing
  Would also add to the stamping of
  Explosive pumps and trainers
  On each other toes;
  Along with the pumping - speakers.

  No questions
  Time for some actions
  As the sweet sounds of sweet spoons
  And precious plates grease - paint
  Who cares to lick his saliva.
  As that would give both aged,
  And young ones
  The eternal remembrance
  Of my birthday.

Bliss Anthony
©October, 2013
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