"Wealth Of Misfortune"

Foots carrying drums and gallons running
Jubilantly as fast as a Cheetah, proceeding
Towards the pipeline running from the wells to
The cavity gushing out fossil oil like the
Weeping of blood from the uterus in the
Absence of pregnancy.
Swimming on the depth of the crude as
Frogmen, filling their drums and gallons with
Joyful sorrowful dark liquid consisting chiefly
of hydrocarbons.
Retreating with occupied drums and gallons;
And reverting with voided drums and gallons
Accompanied by cheerfully precipitant
Participants holding vacant drums and gallons
On heeding to the pipelines spreading like wildfire incessantly.
Military men from the edifice of assembly Flocking the crude sea, with terrifying looks,
Making abortive investigations, sending cold
Symptoms on dispersers, still the pipeline
Gushes; the cavity gushes running for escape
To the nooks and Crannies giving the
Dispersers freedom to exploit its wealth from
Afar without gunmen bullying.
Screams of joy perished as cries of sorrows
Reigns after several days of filling and
Emptying drums and gallons with dark highly
Inflammable oil that provoked the
Atmosphere with a magical inferno.

Bliss Anthony
©October, 2017

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