If You Cannot Respect Your Partner, Don't Marry!

Sometimes our partner's irritating attitude can make our feelings get the better of us thereby making us to rain insults on them. You can insult your partner if the need arise but not in public or in front of your children.

I detest couples who publicly disgrace themselves all in the name of vexation. Yesterday, on my way from the market (I rushed down to the market to buy food items. I actually decided to prepare our native food called ogwo soup and starch, I shall post how to prepare that soon), I saw a man telling his wife who has bore him three lovely children to 'shut her stinky mouth; that she is nothing but a fool' in the presence of her friends, and passers by like me. I saw how inferiority complex grabbed the better of her immediately he said that. That's awful!

Insulting your spouse or partner shows you have no respect for yourself.

Learn to boost your man or woman's self esteem, and not degrading him or her in front of others. If you know you can't respect your partner, don't marry!

Written by Bliss Anthony

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