'Ogwo Evwri' And Starch Preparation

Today is indeed a very good day to reveal to you all how to prepare the Urhobo people's number one delicacy (Currently salivating).  You can give it a try this weekend, what do you think? Oh Yeah! I did promise to write about how to prepare 'Ogwo Evwri' (popularly called Ogwo Soup) and starch.

Ogwo Soup is one of the best traditional food owned by the Urhobos. They are one of the tribes in Delta state, Nigeria. This food is usually prepared to entertain people in marriage ceremonies, burial ceremonies, festivals, etc. It is obligatory for an Urhobo woman to know how to prepare this soup, as well as know how to make 'Usi' (Starch). Knowing how to prepare this food is knowing how to win an Urhobo man's heart. #Winks. Now, let's go to the kitchen!

How To Prepare Ogwo Soup


i. Urhobo Oil. Three (3) to four (4) cooking spoon.
ii. Potash (Ughweri or Akanwu). One (1) medium sized lump You can use either Ughweri or Akanwu depending on the one you have, but it is preferable to use Ughweri.
iii. Dried Meat (Tiko)/Dried Fish (Cat fish or any other kinds). You can use both or any. It depends on your money.
iv. Shrimp/Crayfish.
v. Garri or Starch. This is used to thicken the soup. It's best using starch. Use the quantity that can thicken the water.
vi. Grounded Pepper.
vii. Seasoning (Maggi or any other brands).
viii. Salt to taste.

Method Of Preparation

Thoroughly wash the tiko/dried fish, shrimp, and crayfish (You can soak the tiko in water or parboil it inorder to soften it). Put them in a well rinsed pot. Add grounded pepper, maggi, water, oil, and garri (If you are not using starch. But if you are using starch, don't add garri. The reason for the addition of garri alongside the ingredients is to ensure the garri melts so as to enable the soup become as smooth like when you use starch). Set it on the stove, gas, or fire. Allow to boil for 10 to 15 minutes. If you did not use garri, put starch into a bowl. Pound the ughweri very well till it becomes smooth and add it to the starch. Add little water and mix the ughweri and starch very well. Take a little content from the pot and put it in the bowl containing the starch and ughweri. And stir very well till it dissolves. Pour the content from the bowl into the pot and stir continuously.

Ensure the gas or stove flame is low so it won't pour out from the pot. Add salt to taste. And, after five (5) minutes, your Ogwo Soup is ready to be served with yam, eba, or usi (Starch). Now, let's proceed to how you can make starch. Yeah!

How To Make Usi (Edible starch)

Items Needed

i. Spatula
ii. Frying pan
iii. Serving plate


i. 1 cup of tapioca starch.
ii. 2 cups of water.
iii. 1 tablespoon of palm oil.

Method Of Preparation

Put the starch in a non sticky frying pan. Add water to it and melt the starch within by kneading it with your hands until it disintegrates and forms part of the liquid. Add the palm oil to the pan. Mix nicely with a wooden spatula, ensuring there are no hardened residues underneath. It must be able to flow freely while stirring with the spatula.

Continue mixing the starch. Flip it over every two minutes until the starch is properly cooked. When it's properly cooked, it turns yellow. Ensure you stir it well so it won't have lumps.

Feel free to comment or ask questions incase you find it difficult to grasp the procedures. I will reply you. Catch y'all on the comment section!

By Bliss Anthony

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