You Are Stronger Than Heartbreak

Every relationship we find ourselves is meant to make us or mar us. Just because you are with a man or a woman does not guarantee you will end well together.

Love is a very pleasant feeling. Everyone desires to feel loved. Hence, the necessity to involve in a relationship with the object of our affection strongly with a desire to be their soulmate eternally. But, after one or more differences popping out, the realization they are not meant  to stay together becomes impossible to neglect. And, at such, the only alternative is breaking up.

Coping with heartbreak is never easy. It hurts to see the man or woman you love walk out of your life for a reason or none. This causes a total sorrow and dreariness within.

Some people go as far as commiting suicide after a breakup forgetting life has more significant things to offer.  You are feeling hurt, accepted! It's never easy dealing with the torture emanating from breakup. But, have you asked yourself certain questions like:

What if we were never meant to be together? What if something terribly happens to him or her in the future? Like losing of sight or legs. What if he or she loses his or her life while being married for the first year? 

Those are some questions one has to put into consideration so one can be able to deal with heartbreak.

Sometimes, when certain things occur, we feel we are victimised. Whereas, they occur strictly to save us from misfortunes that might occur in future.

Don't see breakup as a pain. See it as a stepping stone to becoming a better version of yourself.  Learn from what transpired the breakup inorder to improve yourself. See breakup as normal. Stop having the thought of revenge or feeling like after all my efforts, he or she could not appreciate, but rather walked out of my life. Let it go dear!

Every heartbreak is a blessing you have no idea about. Don't you kill yourself! Learn to cope with the hurt and I assure you, you will be strong again.

And, one more thing, if he or she is yours, he or she will come back to your life again to make things right. So, why would you get yourself hurt for no reason? Allow fate decide its course. Be strong and have faith in fate. You are stronger than heartbreak! Don't let it break you; let it make you!

Written By Bliss Anthony

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