I Will Rather Open My Door For A Snake Than A Mercy Johnson - Sonia Ogiri

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Sonia Ogiri  confronted Mercy Johnson Okojie  for strongly opposing her passion to chase her dreams in the Nigerian film industry through an Instagram post she shared on Monday, September 2nd, 2019.

According to Sonia, after her son's father broke up with her because of his sister, she decided to venture into Nollywood so she could take care of her son. But Mercy Johnson who was single as at then made Nollywood a living hell as she did everything she could to ensure she never fulfilled her aspirations.

She said Mercy Johnson saw herself as a god and went as far as looking down on her and mocking her publicly, as well as instructed producers not to feature her in their movies.

She also added that Mercy  also treated other artists poorly to the extent they begged her in public. 

Here’s what she wrote;

Healing Process Hey sis @mercyjohnsonokojie I think 🤔 is time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all this years in order for my healing process to take place. . I hope MOTHERHOOD have changed you and you now understand when a mother wants to make her kid or kids proud of her tomorrow and just like you were overwhelmed by the love people showed you on your birthday, I hope you show/act true love towards people too. I Needed to revisit this so as to get it off my chest cos holding it in all these years felt like I was imprisoned and it’s about time set my free. .Ps Tell your fans not to come for me cause you and you alone knows I’m not lying 🤥. Have a great day 🙏 .

 Watch the video below;

She was however trolled by Mercy's fans and was supported by others and another Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie on the comment section. Angela said Mercy Johnson fought her spiritually and physically.

See what Angela said below;

And after being trolled by Mercy's fans, Sonia shared another post to address the awful things said to her. She said she has no reason to hate on Mercy Johnson. And was yet supported by her colleague Angela Okorie.

Read what she wrote below;

Don’t get it twisted guy. I have no reason to hate on @mercyjohnsonokojie 🤣🤣🤣 This between I, Mercy and GOD so those of you her fans saying trash about this story, I have no reason to lie with mercy’s name cause she’s not the only actress in Nollywood moreover, we heal differently. As for my Son’s Auntie, I fixed that issue long time ago and point of correction, I was never married to my Son’s father. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛

Mercy is yet to react to her claims but what do you think? Are these revelations about Mercy Johnson Okojie true? 

By Bliss Anthony

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