Blessing CEO Blasts Back at Untouchable: "Shut Up & Face the Law!"

A social media storm has engulfed Nigerian comedian Untouchable, who is now facing legal action following a controversial prank involving police officers and Relationship Therapist  Blessing CEO. The incident has triggered a passionate debate on the limits of online pranks and the potential fallout from such actions.

Blessing CEO responded emphatically to Untouchable's video apology with a fiery retort of her own, vowing to pursue legal action and accusing him of defamation of character. In a video message, she asserted, "Shut up Untouchable! You said if anything happens to you, they should hold Blessing CEO... You guys are just dumb!"

She took the opportunity to school Untouchable on the gravity of his prank, emphasizing, "You don't prank people with expensive kinds of jokes. You don't use police to prank people, lift them up, police throw them into the van. That is kidnap! What if the person is not feeling fine? What if the person is sick? What if the person has some health conditions?"

See the video below;

The comments section of Blessing CEO's video reveals a divided audience. While some supporters echo her sentiments and back her pursuit of legal action, others urge forgiveness, pointing out Untouchable's apology. Fans express concerns over the potential damage to both influencers' reputations and the broader implications for the culture of online pranks.

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See some comments on her video below;

Blessing CEO's strong stance in the video, coupled with the public's varying reactions, adds layers to the ongoing controversy. The incident raises crucial questions about the responsibility of content creators in safeguarding the well-being of individuals involved in their pranks and sparks a broader discourse on the ethical considerations surrounding online content creation. As the drama unfolds, all eyes are on the legal proceedings and the resolution of this high-profile social media clash.

By Bliss Anthony

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