Civil Defence Wives Champion Well-being with Free Medical Screening and Lifestyle Advocacy

The Civil Defence Officers’ Wives Association (CDOWA) has taken a powerful step towards promoting well-being within the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) FCT Command. Last Friday, during their first quarterly retreat themed "Promoting healthy lifestyle for peaceful homefront," they delivered a comprehensive free medical screening program for personnel and their spouses.

The initiative, led by CDOWA Chairperson Mrs. Olayinka Odumosu, provided vital health checks including blood pressure tests, eye examinations, and sugar level monitoring. This emphasis on preventative care aligns with Mrs. Odumosu's belief that "maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized." She underscores the connection between individual well-being and effective work delivery, urging everyone to "give more attention to mental well-being and recognize health as a universal right."

Beyond individual health, the event also highlighted the crucial role women play in building strong communities. Mrs. Odumosu emphasized that "health is a holistic concept" and that women, as "mothers and wives," hold a deep connection between personal health and family harmony.

The "peaceful homefront" theme extends beyond simply physical health. Mrs. Odumosu acknowledged her role as CDOWA leader to "foster an environment where ideas flourish, collaboration thrives, and every member feels valued." She envisions meetings as forums for constructive dialogue and diverse perspectives, ultimately leading to innovative solutions and greater inclusion.

Furthermore, she challenged CDOWA members and female officers to act as "intelligence informants" for the NSCDC. Their unique position within the community provides valuable grassroots insights that can benefit security agencies. This call to action emphasizes the critical role civilians play in upholding national security.

Dr. Ozy Okonokhua, Convener of the medical team, reinforced the importance of regular health checks, highlighting the dangers of neglecting potential health risks. He particularly emphasized the significance of preventative care for women due to their multifaceted responsibilities. His message serves as a powerful reminder that prioritizing health is essential for individuals, families, and ultimately, a stronger nation.

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In conclusion, the Civil Defence Officers’ Wives Association has demonstrated proactive leadership and a commitment to the well-being of both individuals and the broader community. Through their free medical screening, retreat focus on health and peace, and call for active community engagement, CDOWA sets a positive example for fostering a healthier, more secure future for all.

By Bliss Anthony

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