From Nollywood to Pulpit: Yul Edochie Launches "True Salvation Ministry"

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie surprised fans today with a dramatic shift in direction, announcing the launch of his own Christian ministry, "True Salvation Ministry" (TSM).

Edochie, who has been in the spotlight recently for his personal life choices, took to social media to reveal his new calling and invite followers to join him for live streamed services every Sunday on YouTube.

"It's time to answer the call of God Almighty," Edochie declared in a post accompanying a photo promoting the ministry. "It's time to do His work fully. To spread the true message of God."

The announcement, initially delayed from 2pm to 4pm, sparked a mixture of reactions from fans and followers. Some offered congratulations and well wishes, praising Edochie's decision to embrace his faith. Others expressed skepticism, questioning the timing and sincerity of his move, particularly in light of recent controversies surrounding his personal life.

See Yul's post below;

The comments section on Edochie's post reflected the diverse perspectives. While some offered messages of support, others raised concerns and made jokes about his past actions.

Edochie's foray into ministry marks a significant departure from his previous career path. The actor and politician has faced public scrutiny in recent months following his decision to take a second wife, Judy Austin.

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Whether Edochie's new venture will resonate with audiences and establish him as a spiritual leader remains to be seen. Time will tell how his followers and the wider public receive his message and whether "True Salvation Ministry" will find a niche in the crowded religious landscape.

By Bliss Anthony

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