"Just Industry Standard": Untouchable Claims Prank on Blessing CEO is Common Practice (Video)

Nigerian comedian Untouchable is facing legal action and public backlash after a controversial prank involving police officers and social media personality Blessing CEO. The incident, filmed and posted online, has ignited a heated debate about prank boundaries, online influence, and the potential consequences of crossing the line.

Untouchable's prank, intended for comic effect, involved police officers apprehending Blessing CEO on her way to the airport. The video shows her being stopped, questioned, and eventually bundled into a van, all while cameras roll. Blessing CEO maintains that the experience was deeply distressing, causing her to miss her flight and suffer emotional trauma.

Outraged by the incident, Blessing CEO took to social media to express her anger and disappointment. She condemned the prank as "cruel" and "excessive," accusing Untouchable of harassment, assault, and defamation. In a powerful video message, she declared, "This is not funny. This is not content. This is a violation of my privacy and my rights."

Further escalating the situation, Blessing CEO filed a formal petition with the Nigerian police, detailing the alleged offenses and demanding that Untouchable face legal repercussions. She shared the petition publicly, garnering widespread support from her followers and igniting a public debate about the prank's appropriateness.

In a new video posted yesterday, Untouchable responded to Blessing CEO's accusations, defending his prank as part of his "industry" and claiming that he meant no harm. He expressed understanding for her anger and apologized for the distress caused. However, he also criticized Blessing CEO for escalating the situation and called for reconciliation. He further claimed that he is facing arrest himself and urged his fans to share his video for support.

Watch the video below;

Public opinion on the matter remains divided. While some sympathize with Blessing CEO, condemning the prank as insensitive and harmful, others question the authenticity of her claims or dismiss the incident as a publicity stunt. Social media is abuzz with passionate arguments from both sides, highlighting the complexities of navigating online discourse and dealing with public scrutiny.

The situation is still unfolding, and it remains unclear what the ultimate outcome will be. Untouchable could face legal consequences, ranging from fines to potential charges depending on the police investigation. Alternatively, Blessing CEO could choose to drop the charges and move on, although the public outcry has undoubtedly tarnished Untouchable's image and sparked important conversations about prank culture.

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This incident transcends a mere prank gone wrong. It has become a social commentary on the power dynamics within online communities, the potential harm caused by insensitive humor, and the importance of respecting individual boundaries. As the situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the legal proceedings play out and whether this incident serves as a catalyst for wider conversations about responsible content creation and online behavior.

By Bliss Anthony

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