Love in the Air: DJ Cuppy's New Rugby Romance?

Nigerian DJ and philanthropist DJ Cuppy ignited fresh romance speculation and a wave of social media chatter with her latest tweet yesterday. The star, known for her vibrant personality and whirlwind relationships, announced her shift from supporting football to rugby, leading fans to question her motivations and speculate about a potential new love interest.

Cuppy's tweet featured photos of her enjoying a day at Saracens Rugby Club, accompanied by the playful caption, "Sara Sara *I have moved from football to rugby." This seemingly innocuous update triggered a flurry of responses, with fans both amused and intrigued by her sudden change of allegiance.

The comments section quickly became a melting pot of playful jabs, relationship speculations, and heartfelt concerns. Some users joked about Cuppy's tendency to move on quickly, referencing her past romances with footballer Victor Anichebe and boxer Ryan Taylor, both of which didn't last. Others voiced their concerns about her "commitment issues" and wondered if her shift in athletic interests hinted at a new flame within the rugby world.

See tweet below;

Amidst the playful banter, fans also expressed genuine concern for Cuppy's well-being. Some pointed out her recent breakup with Taylor and urged her to take time for herself before diving into another potential relationship. Others questioned the emotional toll of her frequent jumps between hobbies and relationships.

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While Cuppy hasn't directly addressed the romance rumours, her tweet certainly set tongues wagging. Whether she simply enjoys exploring new sporting passions or has indeed found a new love interest in the world of rugby, one thing remains clear: DJ Cuppy's vibrant personality and dynamic life continue to captivate and entertain her fans around the globe.

By Bliss Anthony

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