Yul Edochie Claims Ownership of Viral Slogan "No GREE for Anybody"

Popular Nollywood actor and director, Yul Edochie, has claimed ownership of the recent viral slogan "No GREE for Anybody," attributing its origins to a social media post he made on December 29th, 2023. The phrase has been widely used online and in everyday conversations, often expressing defiance or a refusal to compromise.

Taking to his own Facebook page just an hour ago, Yul wrote, "People have been telling me that it was me who started the slogan 'NO GREE FOR ANYBODY.' They said it came from a post I made on the 29th of December, 2023 on Instagram and Facebook, from there it went viral. I have investigated the matter. E be like na true oo. So make una dey give me my credit oo." 

Yul's claim has sparked immediate debate online, with some users backing his assertion and others expressing skepticism. Social media detectives are already digging through archives to verify the exact timeline and origin of the phrase.

Regardless of the definitive source, Yul's declaration has brought renewed attention to the slogan and its various interpretations. Some see it as a call for self-determination and resilience, while others view it as a potentially divisive expression of stubbornness or non-cooperation.

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The controversy adds another layer to Yul Edochie's already complex public image. The renowned actor has been in the headlines for his personal life in recent months, and this latest development is likely to generate further discussion and speculation.

Whether Yul is indeed the original author of "No GREE for Anybody" remains to be conclusively proven. However, his claim has undeniably reignited interest in the phrase and its underlying sentiments. As social media sleuths continue their investigation, one thing is certain: the debate surrounding "No GREE for Anybody" is far from over.

Do you agree with Yul's claim that he started the "No GREE for Anybody" slogan?

By Bliss Anthony

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