Woman Captured While Smuggling Indian Hemp Into Kano Prison

The Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) attached to Kano Central Prison apprehended a woman for making attempt to smuggle 39 wraps of Indian Hemps into the prison.

The woman,  who is identified as Rifkatu Anthony, was arrested as she was trying to take the hard drug into the prison for inmates.

This incidence follows one Clement Jacob who was arrested while smuggling cannabis into Abuja prison.

In a statement released by Magaji A. Abdullah, Controller of Prisons, Kano, the arrest is coming in a period the prison service is working to block all channels being used to smuggle hard drugs into the prison.

Magaji stated that when confronted, Rifkatu denied having knowledge of what she was carrying.

“The woman feigned ignorance of the illicit substance in her possession claiming that the items were given to her by one ThankGod, for delivery to the prison inmates,” he said.

The Kano Prison Controller also mentioned that any officer caught aiding or failing to apprehend smugglers act will be shown the way out of the Service as they have no business being in a character reformation agency.

“There is no gainsaying that exposing inmates to the use of hard drugs is an anathema to the reformation goal of the Prisons Service as it does not only precipitate health complications but also constitutes a security risk to innocent lives in and around the prison,” he said

By Bliss Anthony

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