Perfect Love by Bliss Anthony

                      Episode 3

     I supplicated for God's intervention deep down in my heart as the rider kept riding to an unknown destination. They didn't utter anything... I wondered the essence of their sudden speechlessness. Could it be as a result of the fact that I have been dutifully complying with their instructions? I guess so. But what do they want from me? I've told them they can have everything, yet they have refused to let me go. Why can't they just set me free?

     How can they kidnap me for no cause? I thought only the rich people are kidnappers' subscribers... Well, if these people are expecting a ransom for doing this to me, then they targeted incorrectly. I will afterall eat their food for nothing... They certainly will return me back to wherever they picked me for my sister and her husband are only managing, just like a lot of Nigerians are managing... 'Na packaging most of us dey.'  Or is it my fiance they think will deliver whatever ransom they require? 'That one na no go area...' He can't even eat twice a day. I most times support him with money realised from my sister and her husband. Men can be very loyal when they are broke... And love, can make one act foolishly....

     Hard times is really telling on people... Damn! Some persons I knew back then in Good-luck's period who were highly chubby have turned to skeletons now... Sometimes, I think they are affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function, but no, they are affected by the consequence of food deprivation. 'Hunger too much...!' Where is our very own Joseph? Come and rescue us from famine... Moses of our time, emerge and deliver us from these Egyptians who take our hard labour abroad for endless medical care, and other sort of exploitations... Yet, our people die. They die due to financial constraints, lack of medical facilities, and a lot more to mention... Rice and 'garri' have been so expensive. People can't even afford to feed themselves and their families anymore. The only food item that is quite cheaper currently is bean, though still cost compared to the era of our forefathers... I've heard people say if the price of rice does not depreciate, they will opt for beans and bread during yuletide.

     Funny enough, November is about giving way to December. Christmas is near already. And, it's so irritating, the way price of goods increases during yuletide... For Christ's sake, that's when things are supposed to be inexpensive! Isn't that the essence of the celebration? But, hell no! That's when people feel they can generate enough returns at the expense of hapless people. The rich have no problems at all. They are already living in heaven. They don't know what commoners like myself are passing through. If not that I'm in my final year, I would have probably been a drop out...

     My sister's husband managed to pay my final school fees about two days to deadline in February. His electrical job has not been yielding profit since the inception of 2019. My sister though, has quite been supporting with the token she realises from one or two customers. Seriously, I can't wait to sign out in January, 2020.
     Education is so expensive and it's strictly for the rich but God knows how HE helps his children. I actually got admission in 2016 after accepting Kelvin into my life. Due to the fact that he graduated from DELSU, I shown interest in studying there. It was actually my second choice. Niger Delta University was my first choice, but I was given admission to study English and Literary Studies in DELSU. And, since then it has been one hell upon hell. 'The stress no be here.' No need talking about it.

     Our final year examination will commence on Monday, January 13th, 2020 to end two weeks after, and behold! I will finally become a graduate. But, here I am, in the custody of kidnappers. Why this tough luck? I don't want my efforts to be sleeveless. My sister and her husband are already relying on me. My sister though, a SSCE holder through her husband's influence, adjudicated to lay off schooling so they could channel their energies on me... And, now look at my fate. If I can't seat for my exams, automatically I'm already a drop out. Oh no! Let that not be my portion. I wonder where we are going now. My Maker, my life is in your hands. Please, protect me. My heart is menstruating already. I just can't help it!

     The tricycle kept moving, but; the sweetness of the air I felt when I initially boarded it, became so hot like an oven. I wished for freedom earnestly. I wished we were interrupted by police men or SARS so they could be caught inorder for me to regain my freedom. But, it's obvious genie never granted my wish. Oh my world! The two or three hours ride suddenly got to an end as I couldn't hear the annoying sound of the tricycle. I guess we have gotten to our destination. But where could that be?

     "Ben, take her inside. Monica follow am. Make I park the Keke well." The rider said.

     I guess he is the leader. So, the guy who sat beside me is Ben and the lady is Monica. If only I could petition them. If only I could strangle that Monica of a girl.

     "Monica, abeg put hand join. Dis girl small, but she get weight." Ben said.

     They carried me for some while and kept me on the ground. My skin felt its roughness... I wondered where I was. Could it be I was in Mars? Or Jupiter? Or Venus? Only God knows.

     "Ben, you go go buy fearless from town. I like high so I go fit kpie dis babe wella, you no understand?." The rider said.

     "No lele Frank. Dat one dey. Me sef go like high too. Monica, how you check am?" Ben said.

     "Na confirm na. Bring my share too o!" She said excitedly.

     I heard footsteps leaving... I guess it was Ben's. He already left to purchase what he was sent by Frank, the 'keke' rider. Shit! I already know their names and faces. If only I could just be free. I wished they get intoxicated so I can escape. But how do I escape when my hands and legs are tightly tied? I'm in no man's land now.
I wept bitterly. If only tears could loosen whatever they used on my eyes, but it was as powerless as I was. I need help! Who will help me now? It's just God! But, God can still use someone to help me, can't HE? I kept wondering and lamenting... Who will HE send to help me?

Bliss Anthony
© November, 2019
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