Perfect Love by Bliss Anthony

               Episode 10


             Lisa's POV.

     We got back home after a long day spent outside. It was so unfortunate Kelvin never got the job that made us go out today. According to him, he was told by the person who invited him over that someone already bought the position. And, he left soaked in pains. How awful! He came back to where I stood waiting for him in front of Effurun Garden Park. Only to meet me discussing with Larry, one of the rich guys who have been throwing advances on me since last year. It wasn't easy between them. They almost fought. Although, I was able to intervene by making Kelvin get away from him despite the insults Larry poured on him which made him feel so inferior. Even while we were in the tricycle home, he kept mute. I was the one who continued talking to ease his mind.

     "Baby, are you still thinking about what Larry said?" I asked as I closed the door. He was already sitting on the bed tirelessly.

     "Not really." He said without staring at me as he felt his forehead amidst a slight sigh.

     I know Kelvin very well. I know when he is depressed. At this moment, I can assure you he is pretty depressed. What Larry said really affected his ego and he was actually trying to conceal his feelings from me. Oh my Kelvin! Larry, you are such a big fool for hurting my man like this! I went to him on the bed and placed my soothing hands on his shoulder.

     "Honey, don't worry yourself, okay? Everything will be alright." I said calmly and he exhaled audibly.

     There was no food at home apart from the transparent bucket of garri in the kitchen. We actually bought groundnut and sugar on our way home with the only money on him. To free him from great thoughts, I rushed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

     We sat in bed as we began enjoying a bowl of garri mixed with salt, sugar, and groundnut without a word from any of us. I wondered what must be running through his heart now. As soon as we were done eating, we put our spoons in the empty blue bowl on the floor. Kelvin picked a sachet water from a green plastic plate beside the bowl, he opened it using his shining white teeth, then he gave me to drink. I drank with contentment, and he drank the remaining content. I picked up the bowl, plate, and every recognized dirts on the floor. And then, I proceeded to the kitchen to keep them. Kelvin followed me instantly. I turned to look at him, and I must tell you, I understood the look he gave me.

     "Mr K, I hope you aren't here to exhaust the little energy sustained from the garri?" I said and he let out a loud laugh that vibrated the walls.

     "You too know me dis girl! And that's the more reason you've captured every part of my heart. I am nothing without you Lisa." He said as he touched my form softly. "I need no soothsayer to let me know you and I were created to be together."

     He placed his lips lightly on mine for a while. Thereafter, fervently touring my rima oris which caused an overpowering whirling sensation all over me making me move back and forth, and I found my hands clinging to him for support. My heart! It's beating fast! Damn! His touch is so magical.

     "I just can't resist this guy. Your touch is as soft as fresh bread and your kiss is as sweet as honey. Oh! I love you so much!" I said sweetly with eyes closed abruptly.

     "I love you more honey." He said as he raised my gown upward and steadily banged me and I screamed pleasurably.

     Days passed. Kelvin and I were cool with each other. Kelvin went out in the morning to search for job while I stayed at home engrossed in wifely duties. Who said I shouldn't do it? Of course I should, I'm his serious and only date. If I don't take care of him, who will? Well, I know I'm a student, but that shouldn't stop me from building my relationship, so spare me that sermon. I do burn the midnight oils. Infact, I'm the best in my department...

     On a certain night around 2am, I sensed Kelvin sitting beside me on the bed. Even though I was sleeping. I sensed he stared at me and I unintentionally placed my left hand on him. He removed my hand and kissed my forehead. He puts his legs on the floor. And then, I opened my eyes as the electric light bulb almost darkened the lens of my eyes. I quickly closed the doors of my eyes. Then, I started unlocking it bit by bit.

     "Honey, you're still awake." I said with eyes  broadly opened.

     "Yeah. I find it difficult to sleep." Kelvin said calmly.

     I sat uprightly beside him.

     "Why? What's perturbing you?"

     "A lot of things. Like making money and starting up a family with you."

      I sighed and looked straight to his watery eyes.

     "Honey, why do you keep dragging heavy burdens behind you? I beg you, don't stay mired in anxiety over an uncertain tomorrow. Don't be cast down my love, okay? I am here for you. Believe me, a major pathway lies open before us, a highway to money, success, and everything we have yet to experienced."

     All the while I was talking, he kept staring at me, nodding affirmatively, and sighing. And, as soon as I was done talking, he held me tightly to his chest and let out a peck on my forehead that puts me at ease in the deep oceans of emotion.

     "You are my guardian angel Lisa. You pick me up when I feel down. You accept me for who I am today, not for who I can be tomorrow. I will love you till eternity and will never let any harm befall you." Kelvin said assuringly.

     "Anything with you means everything to me my love. I will cherish you till I die. Let's go to bed now please." I talked to him soothingly.

       "Alright." He uttered and we rested our heads peacefully.

     Some days interval, Kelvin told me about securing a job with the sum of fifty thousand naira. He was so bothered about raising the money. I thought it wise to inform my sister... So, as Kelvin and I strolled in the rhythm of the soft breeze on a hot afternoon. I brought up the issue.

      "So, my sister will give you a loan of 50k for that job you told me about. I don't want you to miss out this extremely pleasing opportunity without grabbing it for it could be the key to end our problems, and as well as the passport to the beginning of a life of ease and prosperity." I said optimistically.

      "That's a suitable notion. But how sure are you that your sister will grant me the loan?"

      "My love, you seem not to fathom all I said. Alright, let me express myself succinctly. I have already spoken with my sister on phone about it when you went out this morning and she has asked that you send her your bank account details." I said smiling.

     "Oh my goodness! You are such a darling! Come here!" He flung his arms around me and kissed me passionately...

       The following morning while Kelvin was seated on the bed, his phone started beeping. He picked it up. I positioned horizontally beside him.

     "Honey, your sister has transferred the 50k to my account."

     "Wow! That's good news my love!"

     "Yeah. I need to freshen up and proceed to meet the job personnels before they give my position to another."

     "Exactly honey. Hurry! Go grab it! I dey your back?"

     Kelvin plants a kiss on my forehead and proceeded to the bathroom speedily.

     He came back home later in the night and he assured me he was able to secure the job with the money my sister sent to him. I was so full of excitement. Alas! My lover now has a job. Glory be to God! He told me he was to resume duty as a driver the next day at Beta Glass PLC in Warri-Patani Road. I was happy to the call. But, when it dawned on me that I was leaving the same day he will resume office, I felt hurt. Well, it's all good. At least my visit to his house opened doors for him. I'm indeed a blessing to him.

     And the next day emerged too quickly like it wanted me out of his house with speed. I carried my bag on my left shoulder while Kelvin helped to roll my suitcase as we strolled and interact.
     "So, you will commence work any moment from now?" I asked.

     "Yes honey. I'm to resume duty by 11am today. I have already started missing you."

     "Same here. How I wish I could stay longer. Anyways, I'm coming back as soon as we vacate for yuletide. And I will spend some days with you before my final exams. And after that, I will stay with you till eternity."

     Kelvin smiled.

     "I can't wait to see you again."

     "But I am here with you my love."

    "I know. But I'm already missing your absence." He sighed heavily. "Let me accompany you to the park."

     "Never mind. You've done well already. You can go from here since you have an important place to go soon. All I need do is wait for a tricycle to take me to the park."

     "Okay then. Your wish is always my command you know."

     I smiled. We hugged each other tightly. He pecked my forehead and left. I stared at him till his presence disappeared. Then, where I stood lost in great thoughts, I saw a tricycle approaching my direction.

     "Keke stop! You dey go Agofure Park?" I asked as I held the suitcase.

     "Yes, enter."

     I quickly moved closer to the tricycle...


               Lisa's POV.

    The air was cool and calm and all of a sudden, I heard the footsteps of someone running into where we were. That certainly should be Ben. Yeah, he is the one. I pray he doesn't show up with the guy. He probably had looked at Monica whom I presumed must be lying on Frank's body as they sleep for I could hear the sound of his heavy tap on their bodies.

     "See dis love birds o! Dem don do tire. Make una wake up jare! The guy don show! E dey throway first sha. Na wa for una o! Una still tie her eyes and her mouth? Una no know say na butchering tins now?"

     As soon as I heard butchering tins, my heart flew to a distant soil. I felt great pain like never before. So, they really want to use me for money ritual? These people want to kill me. Oh poor me! Mummy and daddy, they want me to join you two now. Oh! I cried heavily within. Ben quickly untied my eyes and mouth. At least, I felt relieved. Thank goodness! At first, I couldn't open my eyes, and when I finally did, everywhere was dim before it finally began to brighten a little.

     "Where d guy na?" Frank impatiently said.

Bliss Anthony
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