Man Beheads A Woman For The Sum ₦150,000

A Facebook user, Augustine Ekwere took to his page to announce the death of a woman who was beheaded by a man at the back of his residence. The incidence took place within the period of 2pm on Saturday, March 7th, 2020 at Oku Abak Village in Akwa Ibom State.

UHM interrogated Augustine Ekwere on seeing his heart touching post over the issue. According to him, the man who is from Delta State but, resides in same locality was sent by a Prophetess to get her a female human head.

He said the woman and her granddaughter had went to the farm to harvest cassava. Her granddaughter had taken some  harvested cassava to the main road only to return to the farmland to see  her headless grandmother. She immediately let out a cry which brought some of the villagers to the scene.

Augustine said on seeing the woman, her body was still vibrating rapidly so they concluded that the killer must be within close range. They then began to search for whomever beheaded her.

During the process of searching for the killer, a man who had little blood stains on his shoulder came out from the bush. The villagers on seeing him suspected him to be the killer.

When interrogated, he initially denied killing the woman, and after they beat the hell out of him, he confessed killing the woman and he took them to where he kept the head of the woman which was found in a black polythene bag. According to him, a Prophetess who stays close had told him to get her a female human head that she would give him the sum of  ₦150,000 in return.

The man and the Prophetess are at the moment in detention as the police in Ndot Division are currently carrying out investigations.

See photos and video below;

By Bliss Anthony

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