Foul Play or Family Feud? Mohbad's Team Opens Up After Father's Shocking Claims

Four months after the tragic death of Nigerian singer Mohbad, his management team has taken to social media to address recent controversy surrounding a purported will and offer updates on the ongoing investigation. In a post circulated across Mohbad's official accounts, the team vehemently denies claims of a will's existence, labeling them "false" and "misleading."

The statement comes on the heels of Mohbad's father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, raising questions about a will in an interview with TVC News. Mr. Aloba expressed skepticism about the document's validity, citing his own lack of a will at 56 and suggesting potential manipulation surrounding Mohbad's signature.

Mohbad's management, however, categorically denies any knowledge of or involvement with a will, emphasizing that no such document has been communicated to either the family or the public. They further clarify that if any will existed, it would have been duly registered with the Probate Registry, as per legal requirements.

The statement also provides updates on the ongoing police investigation. It confirms that authorities have conducted their investigation and are awaiting autopsy results from samples sent abroad, a process expected to take several months.

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Additionally, the management team addresses the status of Mohbad's financial accounts. They reveal that all accounts controlled by the singer were placed under a "Post No Debit" order on September 12, 2023, immediately following his death. This order remains in effect, with proper account handover to the family planned upon resolution of internal disputes.

Concluding the statement, Mohbad's management reiterates their gratitude for public support and urges fans to "seek, speak, and promote only the truth" in their pursuit of justice and closure. They end with a message of hope, invoking the singer's light to guide everyone.

Key points to note:

  • Mohbad's management denies existence of a will, calling claims "false" and "misleading."
  • Police investigation ongoing, autopsy results awaited.
  • Singer's accounts frozen since September 2023, proper handover to family planned.
  • Management urges public to focus on truth and avoid misinformation.

By Bliss Anthony

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