Nigeria President Vows "Massive Education Effort" to Combat Violence

President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has declared a commitment to mass education and condemned the recent wave of kidnappings and banditry in the country. He described the violence as "disturbing, ungodly, and sinister" during a meeting with the Jam'iyyatu Ansaridden, a prominent Islamic movement, at the State House on Tuesday.

President Tinubu pledged his administration's dedication to building a lasting peace through comprehensive education for young Nigerians. He believes education is the "antidote" to the nation's troubles and the "most potent weapon against poverty."

He emphasized the importance of involving teachers and parents in a future-oriented educational process. "Knowledge brought me here with your prayers and your support," he said. "Without knowledge, there is nothing to generate hope for mankind."

Recognizing the potential of existing Islamic learning institutions in the North, President Tinubu encouraged them to provide updated knowledge and accelerate development in the region and across Africa. "Kidnapping and banditry are not the way of God," he stated. "Shedding each other's blood is bad. And there can be no development without peace."

The President acknowledged the ongoing security efforts but insisted on a multi-pronged approach that combines security measures with a focus on education and fostering peace. He concluded by affirming his commitment to "change the life of our people" and promote "peace, stability, and economic prosperity."

The Jam'iyyatu Ansaridden leader, Sheikh Muhammad Lamine Niass, pledged the movement's continued prayers for the nation's peaceful development and affirmed their support for President Tinubu's reform initiatives.

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By Bliss Anthony

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