Stolen Vehicle? Nigeria Police Launch Instant Flagging System for Speedy Recovery

Abuja, Nigeria: In a bid to combat vehicle theft and improve recovery rates, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has launched a new system allowing car owners to instantly flag their stolen vehicles through the Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS). This announcement, posted on Facebook alongside a message about life's unpredictable nature, aims to empower citizens and boost Police response to vehicle theft.

Under the new system, car owners who possess the NPF Motor Vehicle Information Certificate can flag their stolen vehicle immediately after the incident. This triggers an alert system, instantly notifying officers across all Police State Commands and Divisions nationwide. The alert provides details of the stolen vehicle, aiming to facilitate its swift recovery and the apprehension of culprits.

Despite flagging the vehicle as stolen online, owners are still required to file a formal report at the Police Division with jurisdiction over the theft location. This ensures a detailed investigation and recovery process can commence. Importantly, the vehicle's status remains "stolen" until its successful recovery.

"NO ONE WISHES FOR MISHAPS, YET LIFE UNFURLS ITS UNCERTAINTIES," reads the accompanying message on the NPF Facebook page, subtly highlighting the potential for car theft and the value of the new system.

Here's how the Flagging System works:

  1. Login: Access the CMRIS portal ( and log in using your profile information.
  2. Locate Flagging Option: Click the arrow in your profile box to reveal the menu options, then select "Requests."
  3. Flag your Vehicle: Choose the "Flag if Stolen" button for the specific vehicle you wish to report. This action instantly broadcasts the alert nationwide, mobilizing Police units for recovery and culprit apprehension.
  4. Formal Report: Despite online flagging, proceed to the nearest Police Division/Station to officially report the theft, initiating investigation and recovery efforts.

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The NPF hopes this new system will significantly reduce vehicle theft and expedite retrieval times, providing car owners with greater peace of mind and ensuring accountability for criminal activity. The nationwide alert network and streamlined reporting process offer a promising step towards curbing this prevalent issue in Nigeria.

By Bliss Anthony

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