Untouchable Comedies' Career in Jeopardy After Public Backlash from Blessing CEO Prank

Blessing CEO, a well-known Nigerian relationship therapist and media personality, was the target of a controversial prank orchestrated by comedian Untouchable Comedies in a video posted online yesterday. The video, which has sparked outrage and debate, depicts Blessing CEO being apprehended by officers in a police van and seemingly taken into custody.

The prank, seemingly staged with the cooperation of Blessing CEO's manager, involved officers in a police van stopping her car and accusing her of unspecified crimes. Blessing CEO, visibly distressed and tearful, pleads with the officers and demands to speak to her lawyer.

Blessing CEO has since taken to social media to express her anger and disappointment at the prank, labelling it "harassment" and "extreme." She has vowed to take legal action against Untouchable Comedies and the officers involved, even mentioning the possibility of resorting to "juju" (traditional African magic) for retribution.

See her post below;

The video has divided viewers, with some finding it humorous and others criticizing it as insensitive and harmful. Many viewers expressed concern for Blessing CEO's mental and emotional well-being, highlighting the potential for such pranks to cause serious distress, especially for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

The use of police officers in the prank has also drawn criticism, with some viewers questioning the appropriateness of involving law enforcement in such a frivolous activity. Concerns have been raised about the potential for desensitizing the public to police misconduct and undermining trust in law enforcement.

Untouchable Comedies has since apologized for the prank, acknowledging that it went "too far." However, Blessing CEO remains adamant about pursuing legal action, and the incident is likely to have further repercussions for both parties involved.

See the video below;

This incident raises important questions about the limits of humour and the ethical considerations surrounding online content creation. It also highlights the need for greater sensitivity and awareness of the potential consequences of pranks, particularly those involving vulnerable individuals or public institutions.

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The story is still developing, and it remains to be seen what legal action Blessing CEO will take and how the Nigerian authorities will respond to the use of police officers in the prank.

By Bliss Anthony

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